What is Southeast Enterprises?

Southeast Enterprises is a sheltered workshop that provides a safe work environment and challenging employment opportunities for more than 160 Jackson County citizens who have intellectual and developmental disabilities. We help our employees capitalize on their motivation, confidence, and determination by obtaining a variety of production contracts from area businesses and fulfilling these obligations with the highest degree of quality and dependability expected of us by our customers.

What will you do with my old lights?

During December 12, 2017, through January 12, 2018, Southeast Enterprises will partner with over 100 locations throughout the Kansas City area to provide drop-off sites where the public can bring their non-working holiday lights for recycling. The lights collected during the drive are then transported to Southeast Enterprises where most of our 160 employees with intellectual and developmental disabilities will work the strand of lights by removing the light receptacles from the wire. Once separated we will recycle each component from the strand of lights. The wire found within the strand of lights contains copper which we will send to City Scrap Metal located in Lee’€™s Summit, Missouri. Southeast Enterprises receives a rebate on the copper from the wire we send to City Scrap Metal. This rebate is able to cover most of the cost of the employees  wages. The separated light bulbs are then sent to Systech (formerly LaFarge) to be burned for energy recovery. During the drive, we do find other types of materials besides strands of lights in our bins and we strive to find a suitable way to recycle those items, too.

How will my lights help Southeast Enterprises?

All lights collected will provide employment opportunities for a team of our employees. Challenging employment opportunities help our team develop and capitalize on their motivation, confidence, spirit and determination. In addition, all proceeds will be used to pay the team as well as fund future employment opportunities.

How can I find out more about working with Southeast Enterprises for my business?

Our assembly line system has a proven history of excellence; meeting deadlines is never a problem. We have successfully worked with companies of virtually every size. Southeast has a wide range of capabilities you can count on from handling simple assembly to detailed multi-piece production jobs and volume packaging. If you’€™re interested in improving your bottom line, enhancing operating efficiency, and creating lasting cost reductions while providing intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals with challenging employment opportunities, give us a call. You are going to like what we have to say!

How can I become a sponsor for the Holiday Lights Recycling Drive?

Contact us: